Recycling 101

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Everyone is becoming more environmentally conscious and recycling is the easiest way to start. We want to help you get excited about recycling so here’s a few pointers.

Paper that can be recycled:
• Cardboard
• Magazines, Mixed Paper & Newsprint
• White Office Paper or White Shredded Paper
• Grey Backing, Greeting Cards & Book Covers
• Frozen Food Boxes & Cereal Boxes

Paper that cannot be recycled:
• Stickers, Waxy and Laminated Paper cannot be recycled.

Tetra Pak that is recyclable
• Any Milk & Juice Cartons

These cartons may look like they are made from cardboard, but inside they are lined with aluminium foil and the lids are made from plastic so should be recycled separately.

Crushed and Uncrushed Glass

Light bulbs should not be recycled with glass because they contain mercury and if it lands up in a landfill, it leaks into the soil and underground water sources. To dispose of them safely, drop them off at your nearest PnP or Woolworths or place them in a sealed plastic packet within your rubbish bag.


                1 PET

                • Soft Drink Bottles
                • Condiment Bottles such as Mayonnaise Jars

                2 HDPE
                • Milk or Juice Bottles
                • Yoghurt Containers and Shampoo Bottles

                3 PVC
                • Drain Pipes and Gutters
                • Trunking, Waste Pipes and Cisterns

                4 LDPE
                • Zip Lock Bags
                • CD’s
                • Straws
                • Film Packaging
                • Takeaway Containers

                5 PP
                • Margarine and Yoghurt Containers

                6 PS
                • CD Cases
                • Peanut Packaging
                • Disposable Cups, Plates, Cups, Trays & Cutlery

• Aluminium Beverage Cans
• Steel Beverage Cans
• Coffee Cans
• Tinned Food Cans

IMPORTANT: All containers must be rinsed before handing it in for recycling!

Rechargeable Batteries are recyclable but disposable ones are not. All batteries should still be disposed of properly though as they leak toxic chemicals into the soil and our underground water sources.

All batteries can be dropped off at your nearest PnP, and Spar

Non Recyclables
• Pyrex Glass
• Ceramics (Plates)
• Light Bulbs
• Drinking Glasses
• Batteries

Contact the following recyclers to collect your recycling:

• Monique Lottering
Cell: 071 392 8419
Email: [email protected]
Visit their Facebook page here:

DNF Waste & Environmental Services
Tel: 043 745 1005
Visit their Facebook page here:

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Recycling Bins
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