Leading during the lockdown – MHG Property Development Specialists

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The Mission Holding Group, as the leading green property developer in the Eastern Cape, has experienced a steady sales turnover, leading during the lockdown period. A total of R 67 million worth of sales transactions has been signed since the beginning of lockdown on 26th March 2020.

The lower interest rates, good yield on investments and a proven record of 10% capital growth per annum for private investors in the Estate has motivated new clients to invest in this growing Kidds Beach Green Estate Development.

The Development

The Kidds Beach Green Estate is located within the urban edge of East London, in close proximity to the IDZ, Airport and Bisho the governing capital of the Eastern Cape government. This mixed-use development model has created a stable, secure, economic environment by offering amenities such as government and private schools, restaurants, a retail centre, and of course the natural coastal surroundings, as part of the development. Future amenities will include an office park, a private hospital, a high-performance sports centre, as well as a hotel and conference centre. A mix of residential properties covering all price points to choose from, as well as business amenities, and recreational activities, ensures that this development will be a diverse and self-sufficient community.

MHG leading during the lockdown

As a rapidly expanding, gated, green development, The Kidds Beach Green Estate has set its goals on building 5000 homes over the next 10 years with a total value of R15 billion. Leading during the lockdown, MHG Property Development Specialists is currently well on its way to achieve this extraordinary target. It has already sold, completed and transferred 430 homes, with another 110 units 90% completed, sold and ready to be transferred within the next 3 months.

Our Estates

The development currently consists of 6 secure estates, with homes from R695 000 to R10 million. This means that opportunities are available for growing families, investors and luxury homeowners to secure properties that will grow in value and remain resilient. The market caters for end users and investors through the expected future difficult economic times.

A strong and deep rental market has proven the development’s resilience. Around the country residents have been applying for payment holidays and extensions on rent. However, the MHG Rentals team have reported some remarkable figures. Out of the over 115 properties that the MHG rental team manages, just 14 tenants have applied for a payment relief arrangement on their monthly rental instalments. This shows the quality of tenants that the MHG Rental teams selects for their landlords and the strength of the target market

Future growth

The expansion of both East London’s Mercedes Benz South Africa manufacturing plant and the local IDZ has created an ever-increasing demand for housing in East London and surrounding areas. Situated just 20km from this growing industrial area, the Kidds Beach Green Estate is ideal for investors looking for rental investment opportunities with excellent returns. As mentioned in our blog post East London IDZ – Creating Jobs in the Eastern Cape, International companies such as the KLT Group, Meek Mines South Africa and Nulatex South Africa have invested more than R300 million in the East London IDZ.

An anticipated creation of 3000 new jobs is set to greatly increase demand for our new homes and rental units. This makes Kidds Beach Green Estate, with its proximity to these employment opportunities, the perfect fit.

Kidd’s Beach’s prime location allows the development to tap into another strong market. Eastern Cape Provincial Government has 40 000 government employees working in Bisho, only 43 kilometres from Kidds Beach. The fact that there is no new housing available in Bisho and that employees currently have to live in and travel from East London, makes Kidds beach an attractive suburb to invest in.

Going green, saving money

The intentional green choices that the developer has made from the inception of this project has put residents in a unique position. Green features present in every home have helped those living in the estates to save money and to minimize their carbon footprint. Solar geysers and gas stoves and hobs standard in every home keep electricity bills low. Furthermore, the Kidds Beach Green Estate’s current supply of borehole water provides residents with exceptionally good quality water. The recently constructed pipeline, drawing from a nearby Buffalo city municipal dam, will be blended with the estate’s own supply.

MHG Property Development Specialists, leading during the lockdown, has once again shown resilience during times of economic hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The development company has adopted a lean approach to run a profitable business in the interest of all parties involved, including its homeowners, investors and shareholders. It is clear that there is a bright future ahead for Eastern Cape’s leading green property developer.