Molweni eMthatha

15-17 November 2019 Explore what Kidds Beach Green Estate has to offer this November.  Find our team of professional agents at BT Ngebs City for one weekend only. Friday, 15th November 11:00-16:00 Saturday 16th November 09:00-16:00 Sunday, 17th November 09:00 – 13:00 Our growing development has already sold over 500 homes. With a selection of […]

Transfer and Bond Fees Explained

What are transfer fees? Once your bond has been granted you will be required to pay the below fees to attorneys: Costs to register the bond These bond Registration costs will be paid to Bond Attorneys Costs to transfer the propertyProperty Transfer costs will be paid to Transferring AttorneysA portion of the transfer costs is […]

Water Report: Kidds Beach

Dear Residents, Currently, the demand for water within each estate is exceeding supply, placing enormous pressure on natural resources and infrastructure.  As our area remains water scarce,  we require immediate action from all residents to please continue using water with caution. Buffalo City Municipality has recently announced water restrictions affecting households within the Metro. Kidd’s […]

MHG Launches Retirement Life Right Option

Kidds Beach, Situated only 20km from East London Airport now offers retirees peace and tranquillity, whilst close enough to city centre and a variety of amenities. Local retirement centres currently have waiting lists of up to 15 years, so the news of a retirement option within close proximity totown comes as a great relief to many. As Leading […]

Why do we pay levies?

Homes built in an estate are generally managed by a Body Corporate which requires home owners to pay levies.  These levies fund the day-to-day maintenance and management of the Estate. Levies pay for: Estate management Maintenance team salaries 24 hour security and electric fencing Generators where applicable Refuse collection Maintenance for common property Access control […]

Nelson Mandela Day: Tins for Tummies

Nelson Mandela International Day is celebrated annually in honour of Nelson Mandela on his birthday, 18 July The day encourages the public to unite together, taking action against poverty.  Knowledge is power, and without education, the cycle of poverty cannot be broken.  MHG partnered with African Angels, situated on the East Coast in Cintsa to […]

MHG has broken ground for more homes

Kidds Beach Green Estate, situated only 20km’s from East London Airport is rapidly expanding. With over 480 homes sold thus far, we look forward to seeing our Estate’s come to life. Civils have commenced for Umlele Hills as well as Impangele Estate Phase B. 47 New Possibilities at Umlele Hills Following the success of sales […]

Road trip rules this holiday

A road trip is the perfect opportunity to forget all your worries and make memories along the way. We have set up some tips to ensure that you and your family have a pleasant trip down to your final stop, Kidd’s Beach. Plan your trip in advanceMake sure that your car is roadworthy and safe […]

Things to do in Kidds Beach

The coastal town of Kidd’s Beach is situated on the Mcantsi River, a short 20km drive from East London Airport. The town is popular among holiday makers, and a family home to many. Kidd’s Beach is fast becoming East London’s new super suburb with exciting developments underway. Weekend Yoga Explore your inner peace and leave […]

Recycling 101

Everyone is becoming more environmentally conscious and recycling is the easiest way to start. We want to help you get excited about recycling so here’s a few pointers. Paper that can be recycled: • Cardboard • Magazines, Mixed Paper & Newsprint • White Office Paper or White Shredded Paper • Grey Backing, Greeting Cards & […]

Why every homeowner needs a Will

Let’s face it, no one wants to think about what happens to their loved ones after you’re gone. By owning a Will, you have a guaranteed way of knowing that your wishes will be carried out. This gives you assurance that your loved ones are looked after when you’re not around.

Road to the Coast

Johannesburg to East London, Kidds Beach Road to the Coast If you are planning a road trip down to the coast for a family holiday, we have the perfect route for you. Here is a list of stops along the way to East London if you are leaving Johannesburg and surrounds. Stop 1: On the […]

Safety 101

Safety is on everyone’s mind. Here are some safety tips that you can live by to ensure the best for you and your family. Here are a few safety tips that are easy to remember: When travelling: When dropping your children off at school, walk in with them and greet the parents. Building up a […]

Water Saving Tips

Many parts of our Country are currently experiencing severe drought conditions and the Eastern Cape is also feeling the impact. The status of water in Kidds Beach is not as severe, but this does not mean that we can continue with no conservation in mind. We therefore encourage all residents to assist during this time […]

Five home loan myths – busted

For first time buyers, we realize that assumptions regarding the home loan application and approval is stressful.  We unpacked some of the top home-buying myths you’ll encounter on your journey. Myth 1:  I can apply for a home loan while I am under debt review. Answer: FALSE. The banks consider this as a high risk […]
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