Road trip rules this holiday

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A road trip is the perfect opportunity to forget all your worries and make memories along the way. We have set up some tips to ensure that you and your family have a pleasant trip down to your final stop, Kidd’s Beach.

Plan your trip in advance
Make sure that your car is roadworthy and safe for the long-distance travel. Selected dealerships offer free holiday checks. Find out from your car dealership if you qualify.

The Perfect Playlist
Make sure you have enough music to last the entire trip. Good music will keep you awake (and excited) for your holiday.

Packing light snacks for the road and staying hydrated during a long-distance trip will keep you feeling refreshed throughout. Invest in a portable electric cooler box that plugs into your vehicle.

Take Your Time
While everyone is rushing to get to their holiday destination, take caution on the road and enjoy the experience.  Make an effort to stop along the way and discover places that you’ve never noticed on your previous trips. Why not use our suggested route, with a fun list of places to see on your way to Kidd’s Beach.  (CLICK HERE)

Safety First
Make sure that the family is buckled up and comfortable at all times.  Ensure your lights are on during late afternoon/evening trips. Don’t forget your first aid kit, a spare blanket and an emergency bottle of water.

Keep Kids Busy
Children love road trips, but after a few hours, boredom might set in.  Make sure earphones and tablets are charged and pack some extra power banks for the road.

Pack Light
Whilst on holiday, you always end up spending extra cash on gifts and clothes.  If your holiday home includes a washing machine, you can wash your clothes saving packing space.  By re-stocking your holiday home before you leave, you can ensure your next visit will be less of a worry. If you are booking into an Airbnb, why not look at purchasing your own holiday home? It has never been easier!  We have listed some reasons to purchase a holiday home here

Take a break every 3 hours for 15 minutes. This is a chance to stretch your legs and see some exciting new places. We have put together a good road trip planner for you, showing you exactly where the best pit stops are along the way.