Safety 101

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Safety is on everyone’s mind. Here are some safety tips that you can live by to ensure the best for you and your family.

Here are a few safety tips that are easy to remember:

When travelling:

  • When dropping your children off at school, walk in with them and greet the parents. Building up a relationship with the school will help identify you as the parent.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings when travelling and take caution when on your way home
  • Avoid wearing expensive jewelry to town and always hide your cellphone
  • Do not carry any valuables in your hand or around your neck
  • Store all your valuables in the boot of your car when travelling.
  • It is always better to go out in a group
  • Never ask directions from strangers, rather go to your nearest petrol or police station.
  • Never pick up hitchhikers or strangers.
  • Always be aware and trust your instincts.

At home:

  • While on holiday, create the illusion that someone is home, ask your neighbours to switch on lights and draw curtains.
  • Be vigilant and take note of anything that is out of place or seems odd.
  • Make sure all exterior doors have reliable locks on.
  • Always leave a copy of your spare keys with a close friend or relative.
  • It is important to always keep your garage door closed and to be cautious when entering your garage.
  • Drapes and blinds obscure a potential intruder’s view, this is a great investment in your safety.
  • Ensure that there is an adult is present when children are playing outside.

Substance abuse often leads to crime and destructive behaviour and therefore prevention is key.

Here are some behavioural signs to look out for.  If you suspect substance abuse, contact the local SAPS to investigate the matter

  • Sudden change in behaviour, attitude or personality
  • Drop in school or work performance and frequently arriving late
  • Change in activities or hobbies
  • Continuous dishonesty about whereabouts and behaviour
  • Sudden oversensitivity, temper tantrums, or resentful behaviour.
  • General lack of motivation, energy, self-esteem, “I don’t care” attitude.
  • Change in habits at home; loss of interest in family and family activities.
  • Excessive need for privacy; and often unreachable.
  • Change in personal grooming habits.
  • Monitor any changes in friendship circles, becoming friends with bad influencers and drug users are red flags.
  • Unexplained need for money, stealing money or items

The Kidds Beach Green Estate and HOA have a zero-tolerance policy for the abusive use of drugs and alcohol within our Estate or surrounds.

Click on the button below to download a list of emergency numbers.

All the emergency numbers that you need:

Police and Traffic
Kidds Beach Police Station: 043 781 1500
Crime Stop: 086 0010 111
Traffic Dept – East London: 043 705 9333
Traffic Dept – King Williams Town: 043 604 8367

Government’s Regional Health Services: 10177
Alderson’s Private Ambulance: 086 022 3366
Dynamic Emergancy Medical Services: 043 726 2225
24-7 Paramedics: 043 726 2247

Government Hospitals
Cecllia Makiwane – Mdantsane: 043 708 2111
Frere Hospital: 043 709 1111
Grey Hospital: 043 643 3300

Private HospitalsLife Beacon bay Hospital: 043 711 5100
Life East London Hospital: 043 722 3128
Life Rehabilitation’s: 043 742 2627
Life St. Dominic’s Hospital: 043 707 9000
Life St. James Hospital: 043 722 9685

Handy Emergency Numbers
Automobile Association Breakdown Services: 0800 010 101 (Toll Free)
Medical Rescue International: 0800 111 990 (Toll Free)
Fire & Rescue: 043 705 9000 / 043 705 9098
Sea Rescue Services (NSRI) 043 700 2100
Surf Rescue: 043 705 2538 – Cell: 083 763 8723
Poison Information Center (Cape Town) 021 931 6129
Life Line: 043 722 2000