Things to look out for when buying a home

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We all dream of owning a property and living in a space which is exclusively ours. With our helpful tips we hope to get you a step closer to living that dream!


Everyone would like to have their dream home but not at the cost of their own financial nightmare. Paying off a house is a big responsibility. It leaves you with a mountain of debt if you bite off more than you can chew. First find out how much you can afford. Speak to a professional who can help you calculate your affordability on a home.

Find a home loans consultant to assist you. They will do an affordability check and calculate your bond repayments.


Here are a few things to consider once you have found a property that is within your price range and within the area of your liking.

  • How far do you need to travel to work each day and how is traffic?
  • Do you have family or friends that live nearby?
  • Is there shops and restaurants close to you?
  • What about a gym or a safe place for your kids hang out?
  • Is this a noisy neighbourhood?
  • How close and accessible are schools?
  • Is there room in the house for your family to grow?

Take into consideration how all these aspects will affect you and your family when investing in a home. Don’t get distracted by beautiful interiors and big gardens. Make sure your home is suitable for your future.


Purchasing a home in a high crime area will affect your insurance. You are more likely to become a target of theft or damage to your property. This means you end up paying more towards insurance in order to cover that risk. Another important factor is the safety of you and your family. You want to live in a home and have piece of mind that your safety isn’t at risk.

Visit the neighbours to find out what the crime is like in the area. Visit a local police station who will be able to tell you how safe the area is.


When deciding on the location of your new home, bare in mind how this neighbourhood might change in the future. Is there a possibility for new developments like new shopping centres, transportation links, Hotels etc. You want to invest in a property where the neighbourhood will continue to flourishing as this will add value to your property.

Specifically look for controlled building areas as this will eliminate a lot of issues. To construct in a building control area, builders must have a building permit. This will require builders to follow strict building regulations.

We hope this has been a helpful guide and that you look forward to finding that special place you can call your own.